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What is Total Wi-Fi?

Total Wi-Fi is a service combining a high-quality router and an app for monitoring and managing your Wi-Fi.

What can it do?

The router included with Total Wi-Fi is a Calix GigaSpire, which is better than the routers you’ll find in stores.  It has an excellent signal, interference reduction, and reliability.  The app gives you visibility, protection, and control over your network and the connected devices. With the app, you can change the Wi-Fi password, manage users and devices, set parental controls, run speed tests, set priorities, and create guest networks.  Plus, all connected devices are protected from hacking.

Who Would Like Total Wi-Fi?

The type of user who may see the most benefit from Total Wi-Fi would be households with kids/friends using the Internet without supervision, networks with a lot of connected devices that might interfere with each other, and people who work from home or go to school online who need consistent speed and reliability.

If you want amazing speed and performance, along with the ability to monitor and control the devices and apps used on your network, then you want Total Wi-Fi from TCC!  Start by downloading “TCC Total Wi-Fi” and pairing it with your modem to have basic Wi-Fi controls for free.  Contact TCC if you want to upgrade to the complete app for $14.95 per month.


Total Wi-Fi from TCC not only includes the outstanding Calix GigaSpire Router and a management app, but TCC will also support* your personal Wi-Fi devices to assist in connecting them to the Wi-Fi.

The app is available for download for both Android and Apple devices. Just search for an download “TCC Total Wi-Fi” from your app store.  The base app is free and gives you the ability to manage your Wi-Fi password and run speed tests.  To get the full package of features, contact TCC and we’ll upgrade your app!  The full app is $14.95 per month.

*Support does not include troubleshooting device-specific issues with apps or features outside of Wi-Fi connectivity. You will need to refer to the device or app manufacturer for support beyond the connection.  If you need help installing and using the apps, visit our Total Wi-Fi Apps page, with instructions, screenshots and tutorial videos!



A Calix GigaSpire is a brand new router from TCC that gives you the best possible speed and signal coverage, along with app access for more control, protection, and security.  A Calix GigaSpire is the new standard router for TCC Internet services.


The basic (free) version lets you manage your Wi-Fi password and run speed tests on your network to help troubleshoot issues that may arise.  The full version gives you extra controls for creating guest networks and managing connected devices. 


Create user profiles and control the devices and apps used by each user, along with setting time parameters and viewing online usage.  These features are included with the full version.


A network-level security service that protects all of the devices connected to your Wi-Fi against threats from intrusion, known harmful websites, malicious payloads in data transfers, hacking, and more. If it’s connected, it’s protected! This feature is included with the full version.


Download “TCC Total Wi-Fi” from your app store and pair it with your router.  You will automatically get the free version.  Contact TCC or use the form below if you don’t have a Calix GigaSpire router or if you would like to upgrade your TCC Total Wi-Fi to the full version.   For help setting up and using Total Wi-Fi, refer to the Calix User Guide or the tutorial videos on the Internet Support page.


    Get Total Control with TCC Total Wi-Fi and CommandIQ

    CommandIQ the app from Calix, the manufacturer of the high-end GigaSpire and GigaCenter routers that TCC uses.  TCC has branded the app for our company, so it will appear in your app store as TCC Total Wi-Fi.  This easy-to-use app lets you log into and manage your Calix Gigacenter or Gigaspire router, including connected devices, allowed apps, Wi-Fi password, and more!  There is a FREE version of the app (automatic when you download the app) that gives you a lot of great tools to start with.  We encourage EVERYONE with a GigaCenter or GigaSpire router to download and use the free version.  There is also an upgraded version with even more tools, control, and features.  You have to contact TCC to upgrade to the premium version.



    1. Search for “TCC Total Wi-Fi” (with quotes) in your App Store or Google Play Store
    2. Tap the Get or Install button to download the app
    3. Type in your app store password if prompted
    4. After the download finishes, you will have an icon on one of your home screens to TCC Total Wi-Fi
    5. Tap TCC Total Wi-Fi to open it
    6. Tap Sign Up
    7. Follow prompts to enter your first and last name, email address, and TCC Total Wi-Fi password you want to use.
    8. Completing this page, you will be prompted to scan the QR code on your GigaSpire (Gigacenter) router (square bar code)
    9. Tap the QR code on the screen to activate your camera (you may have to tap “allow TCC Total Wi-Fi to use your camera”)
    10. Go to your GigaSpire (Gigacenter) router and hold your mobile device so the camera can see the QR code on the sticker on the side
    11. When it scans, it will connect with your GigaSpire (Gigacenter)
    12. If your wireless is already set up, click “skip this”; if wireless is not set up, enter a network name (SSID) and a password for your Wi-Fi network

    From the Dashboard screen, you will see a variety of icons representing various types of devices that may be connected to your network.  Any devices in blue are connected devices.  Tap on a device to see more information about its connection on your network.

    Tap the “three lines” in the upper left to open a menu.

    You can view your connected devices, go into Settings, set up Parental Controls (time restrictions for devices) and make changes to your profile.  Settings allows you to turn your Wi-Fi on and off, change the SSID and/or Wi-Fi password, change the password for accessing CommandIQ, and more.