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TCC Videos

TCC has created a number of videos including tutorials, business spotlights, general/informational and feature videos.  They are intended to help you understand and use your devices, TCC services, or learn about area companies or TCC.  The videos have all been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Or scroll down and click on a particular video to view it.  Click the YouTube logo or the ‘square’ in the corner to expand the video size.

TCC General Videos – See all videos on our YouTube channel

TCC Offices TCC Country 2 Fiber Expansion Projects
We Work For You – Commercial This is TCC Country Smart Rural Community
TCC Business Spotlight: Edge Graphics TCC Business Spotlight: Northern Family Farms TCC Business Spotlight: WHTL Radio
TCC Business Spotlight: Oak Park Inn What is a Cooperative?


TCC Tech Minute Videos– See all videos on our YouTube channel

Tech Minute 1: Wi-Fi Signal Tips Tech Minute 2: Password Tips Tech Minute 3: Streaming Devices
Tech Minute 4: Security Tips Tech Minute 5: wTVe part 1 Tech Minute 6: wTVe part 2
Tech Minute 7: Changing TV Inputs Tech Minute 8: Proper way to turn devices on/off


Feature Videos – See all videos on our YouTube channel

Streaming Basics IPTV: “Info Center” IPTV: “Built-in Apps”
Total Wi-Fi! Watch TV Everywhere


TCC Tutorial Videos – See all videos on our YouTube channel

Windows 10 Settings Menu Windows 10 Start Menu Windows 10 Snap To
iPad Download apps iPad App Troubleshooting iPad Organizing Apps
iPad Change Wallpaper Installing a Wireless Mouse Using A USB Memory Stick