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TCC has a new weapon in the battle against robo and spam calls. It’s a feature for your landline phone service that helps you block unwanted phone calls. Stop letting robo and spam callers hold your phone line hostage! Take control back with Call Screening from TCC!

Call Screening intercepts your calls to block telemarketers, robo-calls, spam calls, and scam calls.  Your callers will be challenged to press 1 to put their call through to you.  Those who do not press 1 will not go through.

Call Screening Features & Options:

  • Recognizes friends and family

  • Allows pre-selecting numbers to block or approve

  • Routes calls to voicemail

  • Allows you to select ‘Do Not Disturb’ times

  • Stops spoofing of local exchange numbers

You can automatically block or approve callers with your touch-tone phone. Finally, a way to block unwanted calls that really works!

The service is $2.50 per month. There is no setup fee. Simply contact TCC and request Call Screening and we will activate it on your phone line. Call Screening is currently only available in our original ILEC exchanges, which include 287, 694, 695, 983, 984, and 985 phone numbers. Not available in our IP phone area or on cellular phones/services. Before Call Screening is added to your line, you may wish to compile a list of phone numbers that you would like approved in advance. Contact TCC if you have any questions!

Contact TCC to add Call Screening to your TCC phone service.

Instructions for Managing Call Screening

Here are the instructions for managing this Call Screening service through your telephone: Dial *95 from your home phone and follow the voice prompts to access Screen Control by pressing 2, where you will have the following options:

  • Press 0  to block the last caller
  • Press 1  to add a number to your blocked list
  • Press 2  to remove a number from your blocked list
  • Press 3  to remove ALL numbers from your blocked list
  • Press 4  to add a number to your allowed list
  • Press 6  to turn Call Screening service On
  • Press 7  to turn Call Screening service Off
  • Press 8  to block private callers
  • Press 9  to allow private callers
  • Press *  to repeat menu options