TOTAL WI-FI SETUP AND HELP 2023-08-15T16:01:39-05:00

Total Wi-Fi Installation

1) Download Total Wi-Fi from your app store

2) Click to open Total Wi-Fi

3) Create an account with an email address and a password of your choosing (make it a secure password so nobody can guess it!)

4) Follow the prompts on the screen to finish the setup:

  • Go over to your Calix Gigaspire router from TCC
  • Turn the router over to find the QR code sticker
  • Hold  your phone over it to get the QR code in the window on your phone screen
  • Hold over the QR code until it completes the scan and pairs your app with your router
  • That’s it!

If you have any questions on using Total Wi-Fi or the features of Total Wi-Fi, use the “Help” feature in the app, continue reading below or contact TCC.

Total Wi-Fi Instructions & Support

Do you want to learn how to use TCC Total Wi-fi to get the most out of it?  The app has a great support feature built-in that will help you use any of the features.  Just find the ? and tap on it.  Then search for the keywords that correspond to what you need help with!

You can also click TCC Total Wi-Fi Complete User Guide for our complete guide or browse the videos below that show you how to set up and use individual features of Total Wi-Fi.


If you have any further questions, please contact TCC!