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Below you will find basic instructions for changing your Email password using various popular Email clients and apps. For additional support with these or other Email programs, contact our office at 715-695-2691 or contact our 24/7 Help Desk at 1-888-655-8642.

Prompt for new Password

Many Email programs and apps will prompt you for a new password when your Email password does not match the one stored in the program.  If it does, simply type your new Email password in the box provided!  You may even be asked to save/replace the password in storage.  (click Yes to do so).

If your Email client fails to prompt you for a new password, you close the message by mistake, or if retyping the password does not work, you can find your app/program below and use the instructions to update your password.

Apple iPad or iPhone

– Tap Settings from your main screen
– Scroll down and tap Accounts & Passwords (if you don’t have Accounts & Passwords, touch “Mail, News, & Calendars”)
– Tap TCC/Triwest Mail account
– Tap your email address next to “Account”
– Tap dots next to “Password” under Incoming Mail Server
– Backspace/delete the dots
– Type new password
– Scroll down and touch SMTP
– Tap “On >” next to the “Primary Mail Server” name (e.g.
– Tap dots next to “Password”
– Backspace/delete the dots
– Type new password
– Tap Done
– Tap “< Account”
– Tap Done

Samsung, LG, Motorola, or other Android Phone or Tablet

– From the Home screen, find Apps (circle with 9 dots) >  Email
– Tap the Menu icon (three bars in upper left corner)
– Tap the Settings icon (gear in the upper right corner)
– Tap your TCC/Triwest account
– From the Advanced settings section, tap Server settings
– Look for the Password box
– Touch the password
– Erase the current password
– Type the new password
– Tap Done when finished
Link to instructions from Verizon

Windows 10 Mail

– While viewing Windows 10 Mail, click the Settings icon (cog) in the bottom left-hand corner of the window.
– The Settings menu will slide in on the right-hand side of the window. Select Accounts.
– You’ll see a list of all accounts set up in Mail. Click the account you’d like to update the password for.
– Enter your new password in the Password box and then click Save to finish.

Windows Live Mail

– Open Windows Live Mail
– Click the Accounts tab and select Properties
– (No Accounts tab? Click Tools, choose Accounts, click your Email address, and click Properties)
– Click the Server tab
– Click the Password box
– Backspace/Delete the current password
– Type the new password
– Click OK
– Click on Close
Link to instructions from

Microsoft Outlook (2010)

– Open Outlook
– Click File at the top and Account Settings
– Click Account Settings again
– Highlight your TCC/Triwest account
– Click Change
– Click the Password box
– Backspace/Delete the current password
– Type the new password
– Click Next
– Click Finish
Link to instructions from

Mozilla Thunderbird

After your password is changed, just open Mozilla Thunderbird.  You should be told your password failed and be asked for a new password. Type the new password in the box provided and press the Enter key.  If you are NOT asked to type the new password, follow these steps:

– Open Mozilla Thunderbird Email
– Click Tools
– Click the Security Category
– Make sure the Password tab is selected
– Click Saved Passwords
– Click Remove
– Now click Close
– Click Close again
Link to instructions from Mozilla

Kindle Fire

– Open the Email app from the Home screen
– After a list of messages drops down, tap Menu
– Tap Settings
– Tap Incoming server
– Tap Password, erase and type new password
– Tap Outgoing server
– Tap Password, erase and type new password
– After changing the passwords, tap Next
– Tap Done or Finished or just return to email app

Call our Help Desk at 1-888-655-8642 for additional help.