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TCC Internet

TCC offers a Premium Internet service.  It is more than just a connection.  We offer speeds starting at 20 Mbps and going up to 1 Gbps!  Our fiber-rich network delivers the fast speeds regardless of how many people are online.  Our caching servers and peering connections with popular services like Netflix, Google, and Akami make it even faster to download and stream!  We also offer protection for your devices and data with Tech Home Anti-Virus, Cloud Backup, and Password Manager.


TCC Cable

Our Cable Television remains a solid entertainment value.  We have a great channel lineup including truly local content from Fox Sports WI, PBS-Wisconsin, Trempealeau County Community Television (TCCTV), and school channels.  Included with Cable TV is our streaming service,watchTVeverywhere” with online access to over 70 cable channels!


TCC Phone

In a hilly, rural area like ours, having a reliable landline phone is important not only for reliable communication, but for safety as well.  Not only does a landline from TCC work in all weather, but the sound quality is loud and clear so you’ll be able to enjoy talking with friends and family.   Our newly expanded phone service area now covers everywhere we provide Internet!  If you want a reliable connection to the world, get a landline from TCC!


TCC Bundles

A Bundle from TCC is a great way to get our Best services AND save money!  You can bundle Internet + Phone, Internet + Cable, or Internet + Phone + Cable and save up to $50 per month!  Our Bundles include super fast Internet (starting at a blazing fast 40 Mbps!), DVR, Voicemail, Caller ID, Wire Care, and More!  Plus, no contracts!


Manage Your Services

WEBMAIL – Check your TCC Email online

SPAM FILTER – View and release Quarantined Emails and manage your spam settings

ONLINE BILL PAY – Use “SmartHub” to view and pay your TCC bill, setup EFT, or select Paperless billing

ONLINE PHONE MANAGER – Traditional | VOIP – Log in from anywhere to view calls, listen to Voicemails, and manage features.


Fiber Fast!

One thing that makes TCC’s services better is our fiber-optic network.  We not only have fiber connected throughout our serving area, but in several towns, we offer fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to provide the capacity for bandwidth demands today AND tomorrow!  Fiber optic is more reliable than traditional copper/coax because it is not affected by moisture and signal fluctuations.

Fiber-to-the-Home adds an average of $5,437 (3.1%) to your home’s value!  In a rural area, where it is not expected to have access to fast Internet, having fiber-to-the-Home and Internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second is a Big Deal!