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TCC offers Internet speeds starting at 100 Mbps for $49.95 per month!  TCC also offers a choice of Basic Wi-Fi or Total Wi-Fi.  Total Wi-Fi includes a Calix GigaSpire router and the apps CommandIQ, ProtectIQ, and ExperienceIQ for the ultimate in coverage, control, and protection over your Wi-Fi and connected devices.  Learn more about Total Wi-Fi.

Coax Serving Area

100 Mbps for $49.95 | 150 Mbps for $69.95 | 250 Mbps for $99.95

Fiber Serving Area

100 Mbps for $49.95 | 250 Mbps for $69.95 | 500 Mbps for $99.95 | 1 Gbps for $199.95

Wi-Fi Options

Basic Wi-Fi $4.49
Total Wi-Fi* $14.95

*Gigaspire router + apps for protection and control over your Wi-Fi network

Add TV or Phone and get a Discount!  Learn more

TCC Internet can give you all the speed you need! No data limits, time limits, or contracts!  We offer “Tech Home” Anti-Virus, Cloud Backup, and Password Manager to help protect your data and devices.   Learn more about Tech Home.

Fiber is primarily in our original phone exchanges of Eleva, Strum, Independence, Pleasantville, Pigeon Falls, and Northfield, plus our new expansion areas.  Contact TCC if you have questions.   Phone or DSL customers in the TCC ILEC area may be eligible for the Lifeline-Linkup Discount Program.  Use the National Verifier website to see if you qualify.  See the PSC Website for additional information.  You may also qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Application in English | Solicitud en Español




TCC Television offers the best channels available, plus receivers* that have built-in features like on-screen guide, favorites list, reminders, games, weather, news, Restart, and more!   (*not all receivers include all features)   TCC Television includes Wire Care to cover your home TV wiring and outlets.  Plus TCC Television includes a subscription through WatchTVEverywhere so you can stream over 70 cable channels online!  Watch live or on-demand!  We also offer Premium channels including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz!/Encore and both Video On Demand and Pay-Per-View for watching programming on your schedule.  One receiver is included with the service; additional receivers (for additional TV’s) are $9.95 for a DVR or $4.95 for a standard receiver (DCT).

Premier with DVR  [ch. 2-925] $153.94 per month
Premier with DCT  [ch. 2-925] $149.94 per month
Connection Fee $35.00

View Channel Lineup

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HBO [7 channels] $19.95 per month
Cinemax [9 channels] $9.95 per month
HBO/Cinemax [16 channels] $25.99 per month
Showtime [12 channels] $15.99 per month
STARZ/Encore [11 channels] $11.99 per month
NFL Red Zone [channel 471] $46.99 per year




Residential Phone Service is $31.49 per month + taxes
Unlimited local and ECC calling, Unlimited* domestic Tri-County Long Distance, Wire Care, Caller ID Name & Number, Deluxe Voicemail, Online Account Manager, CW/CW-CID, Call Forwarding, and 3-Way Calling.  (*Unlimited based on normal residential usage)  Connection Fee $35.  Add Internet and get a Discount!  Learn more

> Download/view the 2023 TCC Directory online!


TCC has a wide variety of helpful calling features including Voicemail, Caller ID, Selective Call Rejection, Smart Call, and Simultaneous Ring to help you receive the important calls while avoiding the unwanted calls.  For more information about our calling features, including instructions for using them, visit our Phone Support page.  Download a .pdf of our Calling Features.

Phone or DSL customers in the TCC ILEC area may be eligible for the Lifeline-Linkup Discount Program.  Use the National Verifier website to see if you qualify.  See the PSC Website for additional information.