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We are regretfully going to discontinue and E-Mail addresses for residential use at the end of 2022.  (This will NOT affect businesses, churches, government, or non-profit organization accounts that this time.)  You can still use E-Mail with TCC Internet service,  you will just have to set up an E-Mail address through Gmail, Hotmail, etc.  We have offered a TCC-based E-Mail service since we began offering our Internet service.   While it was considered a benefit to have a local E-Mail address for many years, it is not that way anymore.

It has been increasingly difficult and costly to provide and support an E-Mail service that works with today’s devices, servers, and other providers.  Plus, there are many alternatives from major carriers, such as Gmail, Yahoo!, and Hotmail/Outlook, that typically offer more features, easier setup, little or no configuration, automatic E-Mail and contacts backup, and better usability across multiple devices.

We did not make this decision lightly and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may create for you, but we felt we could no longer provide a stable, secure, and easy-to-use product; and that our customers would be better served by an E-Mail service that works more effectively and easily on today’s systems and devices. Again, the planned date for this is December 31, 2022, so you have several months to transition away from your TCC E-Mail address to a new E-Mail address.

We will offer some assistance to help you transition to a new E-Mail account, including forwarding your messages to your new E-Mail address, and/or setting up an automatic reply on your TCC/Triwest address, which will help transition your contacts to use your new address.

We are also offering several in-person sessions for more personal, direct assistance with the transition.  We do want you to preregister if you want to attend one as seating is limited.  Click here to see dates/locations and sign up to attend.

Otherwise, here are our suggestions for transitioning to a new E-Mail address and updating contacts/companies that have your old E-Mail address on file.

(1) Create your new E-Mail address from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other provider

(2) Configure your new E-Mail address in your current email program

  • This option for is if you have a program/app that you really like and want to keep using
  • The steps for doing this will depend on your current email program.
  • Typically, you just go to Home and Accounts and Add Account
  • You can find basic steps for getting into the settings by going to and searching “how to set up new E-Mail in (the name of your email program)”

(3) Download the App for your New E-Mail address (smartphones & tablets)

  • This is the best option for using Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail as their own app will give you extra features/options
  • Open your app store (App Store for Apple or Google Play Store for Android)
  • Search the name of the E-Mail service you signed up with (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail)
  • Download the app to your device
  • Open the app
  • Sign in with your newly created E-Mail address and password

(4) Go to the web page of your new E-Mail address and start using it for your E-Mail (any device)

  • This is for laptops and desktop computers as its easiest to use their website rather than an E-Mail program
  • Open your browser
  • Go to the web address of your new E-Mail service (the same web page you went to when signing up)
  • Click the “Star” icon on the far-right end of the address line to make a “Favorite” or “Bookmark”.
    • If asked to choose a “location” for your favorite, click the list and choose “Favorites Bar” or “Bookmarks Bar”
  • Now you have a quick way to access your new E-Mail by opening your web browser program — just click the shortcut on the Favorites Bar or Bookmarks Bar at the top under the address line
  • If you don’t have a Favorites/Bookmarks Bar or you run into other issues, go to Youtube and search how to do this

(5) Write down all bills, businesses, websites, and places that use your TCC/Triwest E-Mail address

  • Include your household bills (electric, water, gas, garbage)
  • Include your bank, investment company, retirement planning company
  • Include shopping accounts like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walgreens, Best Buy, Target, etc.
  • Include your iphone/ipad/Apple ID account (if you have Apple devices)
  • Include streaming accounts like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.
  • Include general website accounts like Pandora, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

(6) Go in to each of those accounts and change your E-Mail address with them to your new address

  • Log in to a company, app, or website from that list (Google it if you can’t find it)
  • Look for your Account or Profile icon
  • Click that icon or a menu next to it to find settings for your Account or Profile
  • Change the E-Mail address on file to your new E-Mail address
  • Check your new E-Mail account for a confirmation E-Mail
  • Open that confirmation E-Mail and click the “confirmation link” to confirm your new address
  • Move to the next company, app, or website until all are complete
  • To update the E-Mail address in SecureIT (if you use it):
    • Call Security Coverage at 1-877-373-3320 to speak to a technician
    • The technician will change the email address in their system and your SecureIT program (also File Hopper, Password Genie)
  • To update TCC’s SmartHub Online Bill Pay:
    • Log into your TCC SmartHub account (
    • Click “MY PROFILE” at the top
    • Click the “UPDATE” button
    • Change your E-Mail Address
    • Check your E-Mail for the confirmation, open the message, and click the link if there is one
  • To update TCC’s WatchTVeverywhere:
    • Go to the WatchTVEverywhere website ( and log in
    • Click MANAGE ACCOUNT at the top and then Change E-Mail Account
    • Type your existing E-Mail account and then the new E-Mail account (twice)
    • Check E-Mail for the confirmation, open the message, and click the link if there is one

 (7) Send an E-Mail to your contacts about your new E-Mail address (IF you have contacts in your E-Mail)

  • Compose an E-Mail
  • Click the Contacts link
  • Click each of the names (or click the first name, scroll to the end, hold the SHIFT key, and click the last name)
  • Type an E-Mail with the subject “New E-Mail address for ______ (your name)”
  • Write a note in the body of the E-Mail that you have a new email address and to start using it

 (8) Complete the form below to forward your TCC E-Mail, set up an Automatic Reply on your TCC E-Mail (to let senders know you have a new address), or just for TCC internal purposes, so we have the best contact E-Mail for you

  • TCC will not spam you or sell your address, this is just for official TCC contact purposes only
  • The Automatic Reply will say “Thank you for contacting me.  Please note that my new E-Mail going forward is (new address).”
  • .

    (9)  Other notes, instructions, tips, etc.

    • If you use TCC Webmail and have your Contacts stored there, you can export your contacts into a .vcf file to IMPORT into whatever new E-Mail program/service you decide to use.  Just click the Contacts in Webmail, click Export at the top left corner, and Webmail will automatically create a file called “contacts.vcf” in your Downloads folder in Windows (click the folder icon to find Downloads).  Once you establish your new E-Mail program/service, go to Contacts in that program, find Import and when asked to find the file, click the Browse button or the folder icon and look for Downloads.  Your contacts.vcf file should be in there.  Not ALL programs can use a .vcf file so this may not work in all cases.  You may just have to manually create a new contacts list.
    • TCC can offer some help and advice, but we cannot set up a new E-Mail address for you in a new system or change your personal accounts (Netflix, utilities, banking, etc.) over to the new E-Mail address.
    • Remember, you have until 12/31/22 to transfer your E-Mail so there is time to work through this process.





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    For additional help, contact our office and ask us, attend one of the upcoming in-person class/discussions we are hosting on the E-Mail transition, or search for answers by clicking in the Address Bar at the top of this page (or a new tab) and type your question.

    e.g. “how do I set up an email account in Windows Live Mail”

    To find instructional videos SHOWING you how to set up your mail, go to and type your question.