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TCC E-Mail Transition

We will be discontinuing our and E-Mail addresses.  There is no date set for the final cut off.  TCC E-Mail will continue to work at least through the end of 2023.  This does not affect Internet or Wi-Fi service — just the function of TCC E-Mail addresses.

Our E-Mail service has been increasingly difficult and costly to provide and support.  Our E-Mail routinely gets blocked by other (larger) providers, making our system unreliable. TCC E-Mail must be manually configured on customer devices, which is an added complication for customers, and often requires TCC assistance.  Our third party spam filtering (Red Condor) is very good, but causes a lot of problems for our users if their E-Mail gets blocked and they don’t know how to access those messages.  Lastly, there are many alternatives available that do not have these issues and instead have benefits that our system does not offer.

We did not make this decision lightly and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may create for you, but we felt we could no longer provide a stable, secure, and easy-to-use product; and that our customers would be better served by an E-Mail service that works more effectively and easily on today’s systems and devices.  We have not issued any new TCC E-Mail addresses for customers since January 1, 2022.

Here are our suggestions for transitioning to a new E-Mail address:

(1) Create your new E-Mail address from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other provider

(2) Start using your new email address to get used to it

  • On a computer, open a web browser and go to the web page for the service you signed up with (e.g.
    • Login and get used to the layout — where the mailboxes are, where the “compose” button is, where your email shows
    • Find the “compose” button and send a message to your new email address
    • Click the Inbox to read your new message — now you have Sent and Received email!!
  • On a smartphone or tablet, you will need to find or download the app for your new email service (e.g. Gmail)
    • If your device uses Android (LG, Samsung, Tracphone, Motorola, Google) then you have Gmail already ON your phone!
      • Just flip through your screens to look for the Gmail icon (colorful “M”)
    • If you have an Apple iPhone or are not using Gmail, you will need to open your App Store icon, press the “Search” in your app store (magnifying glass) and type the name of the email service you signed up (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Proton, etc.)
    • Once you have it downloaded, open the app
    • If you do not already have an email address with that service, create an account now
    • If you already have an email address with that service, click Login or Sign in and fill in your email and password
    • Browse around the app to get used to how it looks
      • Find the Compose button and tap it to start a new message
      • Fill in your new email address and send yourself an email
      • Find the new message in your Inbox and open it
      • You’ve just sent and received email!
  • You MAY be able to keep using your current program (Outlook, Windows Mail, etc.)
    • You have to find where to ADD an ACCOUNT
    • Click to Add an Account and choose your new email service (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.)
    • Type in your email address and password for your new email service
    • Your new service is now added into your program!
    • This is NICE for staying with a program that is already familiar; but if you get a NEW device, you may have to switch anyway as new devices may not come with this program
    • TCC’s “Airstream Webmail” is NOT one that you will be able to keep using as it only works with
  • Let TCC know if you have questions!

(3) Request an “auto-reply” or a “forward” on your TCC

  • An “auto-reply” will send a short message back to those who email you letting them know of your new email
  •    – “Hello, Thank you for emailing.  I did get your email, but please note my new email address is: ______.”
  • A “forward” will automatically forward emails sent to your TCC/Triwest address to your new email
  • You can do one or the other, but you cannot have both an Auto-Reply and a Forward on your email.

    (4) Import your existing TCC/Triwest E-Mail into your new service (Gmail)

      • Let us know if your new email address is not Gmail and we will try to find instructions for you
    • Open your Gmail on a computer and sign in
    • Click the “gear” icon in the upper right corner by the “9 dots” icon and your name
    • Click “See all settings” above the basic settings
    • Click “Accounts and Import” at the top
    • Click “Import mail and contacts” in blue
    • Type your TCC E-Mail address (type for the ending, EVEN if you usually use
    • Type your TCC password
    • Click Next/Continue through the process as prompted
    • That’s it!  Depending on much mail you have, it may take minutes to hours for it to all come in

    (5) Write down all online accounts that use your TCC/Triwest E-Mail address

    • Include your household bills (electric, water, gas, garbage)
    • Include your bank, investment company, retirement planning company
    • Include shopping accounts like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walgreens, Best Buy, Target, etc.
    • Include your iphone/ipad/Apple ID account (if you have Apple devices)
    • Include streaming accounts like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.
    • Include general website accounts like Pandora, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    (6) Go in to each account and change your E-Mail address in your profile/settings

    • Take your time, you do not have to do them all at once 
    • Log in to a company, app, or website from that list (Google it if you can’t find it)
    • Look for your Account or Profile icon
    • Click that icon or a menu next to it to find settings for your Account or Profile
    • Change the E-Mail address on file to your new E-Mail address
    • Check your new E-Mail account for a confirmation E-Mail
    • Open that confirmation E-Mail and click the “confirmation link” to confirm your new address
    • Move to the next company, app, or website until all are complete
    • To update the E-Mail address in SecureIT (if you use it):
      • Call Security Coverage at 1-877-373-3320 to speak to a technician
      • The technician will change the email address in their system and your SecureIT program (also File Hopper, Password Genie)
    • To update TCC’s SmartHub Online Bill Pay:
      • Log into your TCC SmartHub account (
      • Click “MY PROFILE” at the top
      • Click the “UPDATE” button
      • Change your E-Mail Address
      • Check your E-Mail for the confirmation, open the message, and click the link if there is one
    • To update TCC’s WatchTVeverywhere:
      • Go to the WatchTVEverywhere website ( and log in
      • Click MANAGE ACCOUNT at the top and then Change E-Mail Account
      • Type your existing E-Mail account and then the new E-Mail account (twice)
      • Check E-Mail for the confirmation, open the message, and click the link if there is one
    • To update your E-Mail address in Facebook

    (7) E-Mail your contacts about your new E-Mail address (IF you have contacts to notify)

    • Compose an E-Mail
    • Click the Contacts link
    • Click each of the names (or click the first name, scroll to the end, hold the SHIFT key, and click the last name)
    • OR just start typing letters (A, B, C…) and click the names (one at a time) that pop up
    • Fill in a subject and add a note to the body with your new email address

    (8)  Other notes, instructions, tips, etc.

    • If you use TCC Webmail and have your Contacts stored there, you can export your contacts into a .vcf file to IMPORT into whatever new E-Mail program/service you decide to use.
      • Click the Contacts in Webmail
      • Click Export at the top left corner
      • Webmail will automatically create a file called “contacts.vcf” in your Downloads folder in Windows (click the folder icon to find Downloads).
      • Go to Contacts in your NEW email service (e.g. Gmail – click the “9 dots” at the top right, click Contacts)
      • Find Import
      • Click the Browse button or the folder icon and look for Downloads.
      • Your contacts.vcf file should be in there.
    • TCC can offer some help and advice, but we cannot set up a new E-Mail address for you in a new system or change your personal accounts (Netflix, utilities, banking, etc.) over to the new E-Mail address.
    • If you have questions or need help, let us know!


    Will my TCC Internet bill go down? 

    We will evaluate our service prices at the end of the year, as we always do, and see if the numbers warrant/require a decrease or increase.  There are several things involved in determining our costs/prices.

    Can I still use TCC/Airstream Webmail?

    After the TCC email is discontinued, you will not be able to log into Webmail or access any of the emails that are still (exclusively) on the mail server.

    Will I still have access to my TCC email?

    If you use Outlook, Thunderbird, or other “third party” email program, they should be available after the TCC email goes away as they are “stored” on your computer.  If you only use TCC Webmail or an “IMAP” mail account in your program, you will need to set up a “POP” email account in your program so your mail downloads to your computer.  We can help you with this individually.  Contact TCC.

    Can I import my TCC email and contacts into a program like Gmail?

    YES!  This is very easy to do.

    • From a web browser, log into your Gmail account.
    • Click the “gear” in the upper right corner.
    • Click on See All Settings, and click Accounts & Import.
    • Click on the link Import mail and contacts.
    • Type in your TCC email address (
    • Click Continue.
    • Type your TCC password and click Continue.
    • Continue following the steps to proceed through the process. If you need your TCC password or get stuck, contact us.

    What is the process like to contact websites and businesses to update my email address?

    Start with a list of websites and businesses that you have signed up with your TCC email address.

    (1) open the website, app, or email to access your account
    (2) sign in to your account with your login/password (use the “forgot password” if you don’t know it)
    (3) look for your name/account symbol and click on it (or a drop down) for your profile information
    (4) change your email address in your profile and hit SAVE or UPDATE!

    What if I need more help?

    Contact us!  We’ll be happy to try to arrange a day and time when you can come to our office and sit down with one of us and go through the process on your devices.  The only thing we don’t want to do is log in to your accounts and make the changes for you.





    Which email service to use?

    How to set up email on Outlook

    How to set up email on Windows Mail

    How to set up email on Thunderbird


    For additional help, contact our office and ask us, attend one of the upcoming in-person class/discussions we are hosting on the E-Mail transition, or search for answers by clicking in the Address Bar at the top of this page (or a new tab) and type your question.

    e.g. “how do I set up an email account in Windows Live Mail”

    To find instructional videos SHOWING you how to set up your mail, go to and type your question.