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TCC E-Mail Transition Help, Question & Answer

As you may have seen, TCC is discontinuing or E-Mail addresses for residential users at the end of 2022.  This means those who wish to have E-Mail will need to create an address with another E-mail service and transition to the new address.  Read more here.  If you need help with this process, TCC is holding classes/discussions to help with the E-Mail transition to answer the following questions:

 – Why the change?

 – What E-Mail options are there?

 – How to get a new E-Mail address?

 – I have a new E-Mail address, what next?


We will not be creating E-Mail addresses for you during the class or switching any accounts or services over to your new E-Mail address for you, BUT we will give you advice and suggestions for doing so.  The intent of the class is to give you the tools and confidence to walk through the process and answer any questions you have about the process.

**Please note: the Independence class has changed from Thursday, October 20th to Wednesday, October 19th.**


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