ANNUAL MEETING 2022-02-15T10:05:28-06:00

The 2022 Tri-County Communications, Inc. Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 7 p.m..  It will be a virtual meeting this year.  You can participate via live stream or by telephone this year.

Here are the Minutes and Video from the 2021 TCC Annual Membership Meeting:

Read Annual Meeting Notice 2021 | Watch 2021 Annual Meeting Video


Scholarship winners were announced during the Annual Meeting.  The $500 General Scholarship winners are:

Olivia Youngbauer, Lucas Fisher, Zoey Pehler, Isabelle Walsh, Charles Siewert, Tatianna Coffey, Jenessa Perry, Gracie Hering, Jarumi Bautista, Miranda Campbell, Hunter Tulius, Zachary George, Ryan Vetsch, Ethan Karlstad, Emma Pietrek, Rose Bohlinger, Allison Koepke, Hannah Stoutner, Taylor Nelson, Kendra Goplin, Aaron Filla, Bradley Bishop, Ethan Glosky, Nicholas Higley, and Shelby Hynek.

The $1,000 IT Scholarship winners are: Hayden Kulig and Tayler Kummer.

Watch a slideshow of pictures of the winners!