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WatchTVeverywhere Streaming

Do you ever watch TV or movies online?  Maybe you have a Netflix subscription or Amazon Prime account?  Did you know that TCC cable gives you access to a ton of TV shows and movies too?  It’s called “watchTVeverywhere.”  WatchTVeverywhere is a streaming service included with TCC Cable TV for watching over 70 cable channels online!   Watch your favorite shows, movies and more on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, from wherever you are!

WatchTVeverywhere is not a “library” service like Netflix and Amazon that puts the available movies and shows in a big database but rather it creates an account (login and password) which you can use with channel programmers directly on their websites and apps.  That means you aren’t limited to shows released to a database but ALL the content available online from each channel.  The WatchTVeverywhere website organizes the content by channel so you can see what channels are all available.  From there, just click on a channel to go to the website or download the App (mobile devices) to start watching.  You can watch the channels LIVE or find past episodes and past seasons of shows they offer.  This is especially handy if you like sports but aren’t around when the game you want to watch is going on!  Just open the channel it was on and look under “replay” to watch the game!

The content available through WatchTVeverywhere is typically not programming you can get online for free.    Here’s a screenshot showing the channels available as of 10/9/18:

Not only do you get cable channels but you can watch the Olympics (every minute of every sport) as well as the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament (every game) live and on replay!

How to get started:

  1. Go to the watchTVeverywhere web site
  2. Click/tap Register and complete the registration (you’ll need your TCC Account number and the last name on your bill)
  3. Check your email for the Activation Email, open it and click the Activation link
  4. Go back to the watchTVeverywhere web site
  5. Click/tap Login and fill in your watchTVEverywhere account info
  6. Click a channel to watch
  7. Click on the program/episode from the channel web site
  • If asked to choose a provider, choose Tri-County Communications from the list (you may have to choose other/more providers)
    – for HBO GO, choose “wTVe” as the provider (it is one of the last companies before the list of college providers starts)
  • You may be asked to type your username and password when you get to a channel/video
  • You can get to the watchTVeverywhere login from “My Account” on any TCC page

If you access ‘watchTVeverywhere’ from a tablet or smartphone, you will be prompted to download the “App” for each channel you would like to be able to watch. Once the channel app is downloaded, just tap the app from your screen to open it and start watching!  No need to go to the watchTVeverywhere websites first! More channels are added all the time, further enhancing this really cool service included with your TCC Cable! Let TCC know if you have any questions!

Want to learn more?  Watch this tutorial!

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