Roughly 90% of the US population owns a cell phone. Landline phones? Sadly, fewer than 50% still have one. Landlines seem to have gradually lost their place in people’s hearts and homes in the 30+ years since cell phones entered the picture.

But dead? Landline phones may not be as popular as they once were, but, for many, they’re still considered irreplaceable.

Let’s look at why so many people still love their landline phones today!

Helpful in a pinch

Landlines are unmatched when it comes to their usefulness in a crisis. Power outage? Many landlines still work fine! Is your Wi-Fi out or has a cell tower stopped working? If you have a landline, you’re still able to communicate!  TCC still sells corded phones that do not need to be connected to an electrical outlet.

Cell phones need to be charged regularly and if you use “Wi-Fi calling” for signal, they only work when connected to the internet. With a corded landline, battery life and internet availability are never an issue!

Plus, in an emergency, your landline gives the 911 dispatcher your exact location instantly because it’s tied to your physical address.

Music to your ears and money in your pocket

Numerous studies have shown that the overall sound quality of landlines is generally much higher and clearer than most cellular phones.  They are also often more comfortable to hold onto when talking.

Want more?

Landlines are almost always less expensive, both upfront and over time, than most cellphones—especially when you consider how easily cell phones can break and how expensive they are to replace!  (Our phones start around $15 and go up to about $75 for a multi-handset cordless phone)

Special accessibility

There are a number of landline phones available for people with hearing and sight impairments.  There are big button phones with large, easy-to-press numbers and large “speed dial” buttons to make dialing much easier.  TCC also sells “hearing impaired” phones with louder and clearer sound plus a loud ringer with a flashing light to alert a person of an incoming call.  Most cordless phones offer a speaker phone so you don’t have to hold the phone to talk and they have a “handset locator” button on the base unit to help you find a misplaced handset.

Maybe just what you need

While landlines may not be as popular as they were once upon a time, they can still have a practical place in our homes.  They have the reliability and clarity unmatched by cell phones, along with accessibility features to make using a phone much easier. Want to learn more to decide whether or not you’re ready to bring a landline back into your home?

Give us a call at 715-695-2691 today—we’d love to hear your voice!

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