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TCC has been certified as GIG Capable by the NTCA – The National Broadband Association, for our strong and reliable network, which has been certified to support speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second to users.  Our Gigabit certification comes largely from our Fiber to the Home build-out from a few years ago.

What Does Our GIG Certification Mean for You?

  • It means you can rely on our network for all of your Internet needs.  We will have the speed available whether you upload and download videos, stream movies, play online games, tele-work, or just host a lot of devices.
  • It means you’re dealing with a company that has been proactive in building a fast and reliable network, not waiting until we were playing catch-up.  We want to provide you with the speed you need today and tomorrow.
  • It means your community has the network to attract all types of employers and meet their network needs; we’ve already connected area employers including Ashley Furniture, Global Finishing Solutions, and Gold ‘N Plump as well as eight school districts.


What Is Fiber?

Fiber optics (aka “fiber”) are super thin glass tubes (like human hairs) which carry data at much higher rates than the traditional copper lines that have carried phone, Internet, and cable traffic for decades.  We first built up our network between our towns and then started a vast project to plow and connect fiber to every home and business in our traditional telephone area, where we only had copper “twisted pair” lines serving customers.

We have completed this project so customers in the Eleva, Strum, Independence, Northfield, Pigeon Falls, and Pleasantville areas now have fiber to the home, connecting their TCC services.  Customers in the rest of our serving area are served by a mix of fiber optics and cable coax, which also has a very high capacity for data.


What Are the Benefits of Fiber?

Bandwidth Capacity

  • Up to 1 Gigabit per second connections for the best speed in the area
  • Symmetrical bandwidth for better performance for applications needing a strong upload as well as download
  • Connect more devices at the same time without interruption
  • “Future Proof” to handle your needs now and in the future


Better Reliability

  • Dependable speeds at all times
  • Less susceptible to weather conditions
  • Reduced risk of electrical damage by storms and power surges
  • Less downtime means more productivity!


Increased Productivity

  • Symmetrical bandwidth for better two-way communication
  • Bandwidth is easily scalable to grow with your needs
  • Handles large file uploads and downloads, backups, and multiple devices
  • Better performing video and voice services


Improved Wi-Fi Performance

  • Fiber to the Home customers have a high-powered Calix Gigacenter router
  • More available bandwidth to power your Wi-Fi


Contact TCC today to get your certified GIG Capable, Fiber-powered connection started!