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First Time Setup:
Dial *98 from your home phone, follow prompts to set up PIN number, record your name and record your greeting.

Accessing Voicemail from Home:
Dial *98, enter your PIN number

Accessing Voicemail Remotely:
Dial 715-695-6245 (715-695-MAIL), enter your 10-digit number, enter your PIN, press #.

Main Menu:
1= Listen to New Messages
2= Listen to Saved Messages
3= Greetings menu
4= Settings
0= Help
*= Exit

Message Options (while in Voicemail):
1= Repeat message
2= Save message
3= Erase message
4= Save message as new
5= Reply to the message*
6= Forward the message to another mailbox*
7= Rewind the message
8= Pause playing the message
9= Fast forward the message

* If voicemail is set to allow this option



You can access your Voicemail and your calls/calling features with our online portals.

In our traditional exchange areas (Eleva, Independence, Northfield, Pigeon Falls, Pleasantville, Strum), follow these steps:
(a) Click:
(b) Log in with your phone number and Voicemail PIN.

In our new, Cable-Phone areas, it is called Self-Care Portal. TCC needs to activate the Self-Care Portal first. Contact TCC first to activate this for you.
(a) Access Self-Care Portal:
(b) Register your account, log in to your account
(c) For more assistance, see our Self-Care Portal Guide



TCC has a wide variety of helpful calling features including Caller ID, Selective Call Rejection, Smart Call, and Simultaneous Ring to help you receive the important calls while avoiding the unwanted calls.
(a) View calling feature details and prices
[Calling Feature Instructions:  Traditional Phone | VOIP Phone]
(b) Refer to the green section in the front of the TCC Telephone Directory
(c) Contact TCC with specific problem/questions



If you do not have dial-tone, try these troubleshooting steps:

1. Try a different phone; preferably a corded (not cordless or AC dependent) phone
2. Check for any phone devices left off-hook or otherwise not working
3. Check to see if any other services from TCC are working (Cable tv, Internet)
4. Contact TCC for assistance: 800-831-0610 or (email not answered 24/7)



1. If cordless, put handset on base, unplug AC (power) cord from wall and plug back in
2. Also if cordless, leave on charging base for at least one hour in case battery is dead
3. Try a different phone; preferably a corded (not cordless or AC dependent) phone in the same outlet
4. Check for any other phone devices left off-hook
5. Plug a phone into the NID on the outside of your home (open the lid, unplug phone wire to house)
6. Try replacing the battery (charge new batteries for at least 12 hours before using)
7. Contact TCC about replacing that phone



TCC serves the following communities with Phone: Alma Center, Arcadia, Blair, Centerville, Eleva, Elk Creek, Ettrick, Fairchild, Galesville, Hixton, Humbird, Independence, Merrillan, Northfield, Pigeon Falls, Pleasantville, Osseo, Strum, Trempealeau, Whitehall. Click/touch map for larger view.

Phone services provided by Tri-County Telcom, LLC – a TCC company.