Did you know TCC offers free technology classes? We’ve been offering classes in our area for the last 10 years! Back in 2009, we had an idea to bring what we know about computers and technology into the community by offering free classes.  We held classes at our offices and at local schools in the computer labs. Out classes caught on very quickly and became very popular in the area.


We typically scheduled groups of classes in the fall and winter. Class styles varied from follow-along, to lecture, to question and answer — all depending on the topic and those in attendance.  TCC began partnering with local libraries and holding our classes at the libraries. This worked out well for TCC and the libraries. More recently, we started holding individual classes at area libraries as soon as their was enough interest in a particular topic. This allows us to be more responsive to attendees and the topics they would like covered.



Our classes are always free and always open to anyone in the community. You need not be a TCC member to attend any of our classes. The classes are pretty informal too, with discussion, question & answer, and a relaxed setting. We even try to offer give-aways or refreshments at our classes to entice more attendees.  Class topics have included Apple iPads, Computer Basics, Craigslist, Digital Pictures, Ebay, Facebook, Google Apps, Internet Security, Laptops, “Must Have” Apps, Passwords, Pinterest, Smartphones & Tablets, Streaming (Netflix), Website Design, Wi-Fi, Windows 7, and Windows 10.



We have even taken our class structure and material and brought it before various groups as a talk/presentation. Groups have included a Credit Union Association, the Eleva-Strum Girl Scouts, Whitehall and Arcadia Chambers of Commerce, and the WSTA Marketing group.

If you are affiliated with a group that would like a presentation on Internet Security or Email or whatever, let us know! We’ll be happy to arrange a talk for your group free of charge. Again, it goes back to our culture of offering assistance in the cooperative spirit.





For more information, questions, or class topic requests, contact Ben Gumz with TCC at


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