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Streaming is watching traditional TV programming, such as movies or shows, over the Internet.


It’s no secret that streaming is viable option to traditional pay TV services.  Everywhere you look, you see advertisements for streaming services or programs that are offered online. Streaming has gotten easier to navigate, given simplicity of the streaming devices. All televisions are now “smart” TVs , which means they have streaming capabilities built-in. On this web page, TCC will try to explain streaming to make it easier to get started. Streaming requires three things: a streaming device, a streaming service, and Internet.

Streaming service | Streaming device | Internet Service

To help you find the service(s) that offer the content you want, we’ve put together a list of channels included with some of the most popular “package” style streaming services. (updated 03/2020)

Channels included with 4 popular streaming services


Click the links above to learn more about the various services and pricing, devices used for streaming, and which channels are included with which streaming services. We hope these resources help.  If you have any questions about streaming services or devices, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!