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NetValet from Calix is an intuitive, easy-to-use app that lets you log into and manage your Calix GigaCenter router.  You can manage your primary Wi-Fi network, set up a guest Wi-Fi network, and set parental controls.  You just download it to your smartphone or tablet through your Apple App Store (see description) or the Google Play Store (see description).

The app includes the following features:
· Guest Wi-Fi network setup – Enables you to set up guest Wi-Fi so that your guests can enjoy their own network to access the internet in your home.
· Policy management – Enables you to create policies to time block access to the internet.
· Parental control – Enables you to apply one or more policies (created via the policy manager) to connected user devices.


Screenshots for Apple | Download from App Store



Screenshots for Android | Download from Google Play Store


Calix NetValet supports the following GigaCenter models: 844G, 854G, and 844E | Calix NetValetUser Guide