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Managed Wi-Fi from TCC is the best way to have fast and reliable Wi-Fi with all the help you need with your personal devices!  Just leave everything to us!  We install the Wireless access, connect your personal devices and give you free help with your devices, whenever you need it!



Managed Wi-Fi will keep your family connected!

Managed Wi-Fi Details:

TCC starts by installing the Gigacenter and Mesh Extender for the best possible Wi-Fi signal.  (Extra Mesh Extenders can be rented for $5.95 per month, per Mesh if needed)  Next, TCC will connect all customer wireless devices to the Wi-Fi and make sure everything is working great!  Lastly, TCC provides ongoing technical support (including customer wireless devices).


There is no contract on Managed Wi-Fi.  If you cancel Managed Wi-Fi service, you will need to return Mesh Extender(s) as well as the Gigacenter (if instructed) to any TCC location.  Mesh Extenders can be rented without Managed Wi-Fi for $5.95 per month or purchased for $109.95 plus tax. Without Managed Wi-Fi service, the rate for troubleshooting issues beyond the point of connection (including Wi-Fi signal issues and customer devices) is $100 per hour. TCC does not guarantee performance of Wi-Fi or customer wireless devices.


Sign Up For Managed Wi-Fi:

Complete and submit the form below to subscribe to Managed Wi-Fi service.  We will contact you to set up an appointment for a site survey and equipment installation.  Managed Wi-Fi service is $9.95 per month and includes free on-site setup.