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Use the form below to order your TCC Internet! Choose a Speed and a Modem.  There are no data or time limits on TCC Internet. To select the best speed for your needs, consider (a) the number of devices you plan to connect and (b) what you plan to do online.

100 Mbps

A great starter speed for basic streaming, web surfing, E-Mail, smart speakers, and more!  

150 Mbps

Faster speed for streaming, gaming, shopping and surfing across more devices at the same time.

250 Mbps

A great speed for supporting many home devices streaming/gaming/surfing, including 4K and 8K smart TV’s, or a small business network. 

500 Mbps

Medium-level speed for the larger business network in need of better download speed and capacity to connect more devices. Symmetrical up/downstream.

1.0 Gbps

One Gigabit per second for the ultimate speed and bandwidth!  Symmetrical up/downstream.

Basic Wi-Fi

Modem/Router combo with 4 ethernet ports for connecting devices and Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity. Download “CommandIQ” for managing your network, changing your Wi-Fi password and more!  $4.49/month.

Total Wi-Fi

GigaSpire router with 4 ethernet ports and strong Wi-Fi signal plus CommandIQ, ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ to provide the best coverage, protection, and control over your Wi-Fi network and personal devices.  $14.95/month.




Without Managed Wi-Fi, the rate for troubleshooting issues beyond the point of connection (including Wi-Fi signal issues and customer devices) is $100 per hour.  TCC does not guarantee performance of Wi-Fi or customer wireless devices.

Tech Home

Anti-Virus, Cloud Backup, and Password Manager programs included with TCC Internet. Learn more about Tech Home!


Lifeline is available to those in our ILEC who qualify.  Learn more about Lifeline HERE or visit our Customer Care page for forms and applications.