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TCC offers a variety of devices for lease or purchase.  Our lease is a great choice for TCC customers because it spreads out your payments on your TCC bill and does not charge any extra fees or interest!  Our lease period is 24 months, requires a Bundle plan, EFT and is subject to credit check — no fees, no interest!  For purchases, the total is due at the time of pickup.  TCC may not have every device in stock and may need to order it. Arrangements can be made to pick up devices in Strum, Independence or Galesville.  Delivery is also available for an additional charge.


$35.00 per month for 24 months
Or purchase for $840.00


THE LAPTOP is the Lenovo Thinkpad and comes pre-loaded with the Windows 10 operating system and standard Lenovo/Microsoft programs. It has a 15.6″ screen, 8 GB RAM, i5 processor, and 500 GB hard drive.  The laptop includes 2+ year manufacturer’s warranty and choice of carry case.  Contact TCC for specs and complete details.


PROFESSIONAL CONFIGURATION (optional) is $100 and includes registration of software, removal of demo programs,  transfer of up to 5 Gb of data files from old computer, installation of Mozilla Firefox, Libre Office Suite, iTunes, and (if requested) SecureIT+.


Ready to get started?  Download the Lease or Purchase form along with the Professional Configuration (optional) and complete/return them to TCC!

Download Lease Form | Download Purchase Form | Download Professional Configuration Form




$22.50 per month for 24 months
Or purchase for $540.00


The Apple iPad is one of the best tablets available with a large 9.7″ screen, 1.2 MP front camera and 5 MP back camera (which also shoots 1080p HD Video), 32 GB of storage, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, many pre-loaded apps and access to hundreds of thousands more apps! And the iPad is sleek, slender, and lightweight — 30% lighter and thinner than the original iPad! Download your favorite movies, shows, music, books and more through Apple’s iStore and enjoy it wherever you go!

Download Lease Form



32″ $15 per month for 24 months
Or purchase for $360.00
40″ $19 per month for 24 months
Or purchase for $456.00
50″ $28 per month for 24 months
Or purchase for $672.00


Our HD SMART TV’s feature an LED screen for nice, bright picture plus built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and apps for connecting to Facebook, Netflix, Hulu and more, you can do so much more through your TV! With sharp picture, easy to use controls, lightweight build and more, this TV will be the centerpiece of your entertainment that you’ve been looking for! (prices and sizes are subject to availability)

Download Lease Form