Tech Home

Tech Home is a new package from TCC that includes SecureIT Anti-Virus, File Hopper Cloud Backup, and Password Genie Password Management. As of June 2017, TCC includes Tech Home “Protect” with TCC Internet services. All you need to do is request the package, activate it and install which products you want.  You can request the package using the form below.  You’ll then get an email to Activate your package and then an email with Download buttons to download and install the products.

If you already have SecureIT, File Hopper or Password Genie – and do not wish to make any changes – you do not have to do anything. Your program was already converted to the “Tech Home” package.

**NEW** The Tech Home SUPPORT plan now includes an app called “Identi-Fi” for managing your home Wi-Fi.  You can check the signal strength in each room, create a “heat map” of your home, view devices connected to your Wi-Fi and get the overall health of your home network.   This is in addition to Premium Support which includes unlimited setup and troubleshooting of all your home Wi-Fi devices!!





After we process your request, you will get an email to Activate your Tech Home account and download your service(s).  [if you already have an active account, you will just get an email to download your service(s)]  Just follow the instructions in the email(s).  If you do not receive the email(s) contact TCC (  Contact Security Coverage if you have any issues during the installation or questions after the installation at 1-877-373-3320.



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