TCC offers a variety of high-level data services for businesses large and small. These data services are designed to benefit your business by saving you time and money while providing you advanced features, services, expertise and support. Data services include:

Data Storage
Virtually unlimited secure storage space for server/data backups off-site and redundantly copied to geographically diverse locations. Never lose your data even in the event of property and natural disaster. Servers are professionally monitored and maintained so you never have to wonder if your data is safe.

Website Hosting
TCC can host your business website for you.  Just $4.95/month for the first 50 MB and $5 per 100 MB block after that.  Our server is a professional grade “c-Panel” server inside a secure data center for the best in bandwidth and website reliability.  Need a domain name?  We can register one for you and renew it automatically so you don’t have to worry about it.  Just $30 per year .

Server Colocation
Is your business’ server in a place that is really inadequate? We can colocate your server in our state-of-the-art, secure facility.

VMWare – Virtual Server
Could your business benefit by having your own mail server or document server? Or by having access to certain software or platforms? VMWare allows you to ‘subscribe’ to server applications, software and platforms but without the expense of your own server.

Email Archiving
Many industries are recommending and even requiring years of email backup. We provide secure, complete, off-site email backup with instant search and recovery access.

Enterprise-Level Connectivity
We can provide custom, high-bandwidth connections to your organization, including direct connections to multiple offices and facilities in or out of the TCC serving area.

Network Consulting, Installation and Maintenance
Your network is a very critical piece of your data and IT systems and you want it designed, installed and maintained properly and proportionately for your business needs and budget.


Latest News: WIN Data Center completes SOC 2 examination!  Read Press Release


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