We offer single and multi-line local telephone service for business customers with unlimited local calling and a wide variety of calling features to make your life easier! Even with the popularity of cellphones, a land line is still an important service to have for the best reliability during any weather, continued service through power outages and superior voice quality. In addition to standard line services, we also offer multi-line phone systems including IP systems from the industry’s leading carriers like AVAYA, AT&T and CISCO.
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Calling Features
Forget yesterday’s calling features and see what we have today! We have a wide variety of calling features to put information at your fingertips, allow your calls to follow you to different locations or phone numbers and allow you to better control what happens with your incoming and outgoing calls. Features like “Simultaneous Ring” and “Find Me, Follow Me” help you stay in touch while you are on the go. Contact TCC for more info.  Need help?  Visit our Phone Support page for help with Voicemail and more!

Comm Portal
Manage your phone services including your incoming and outgoing calls online with Comm Portal. With Comm Portal, you place phone calls as if you were at the office, activate new calling features 24/7, make changes to any of your calling features like Call Forwarding or your Voice Mail announcement. You can listen to Voice Mails directly through your mobile device.

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Long Distance
TCC offers Long Distance by the minute or as a flat rate for a specific number of minutes like wireless calling plans. Best of all, the money you spend on long distance counts toward your cooperative patronage so you earn Capital Credits!

– Anytime, Anywhere $ .12 per minute
– Tri-9 $3.95 per month plus $ .09 per minute
– 100 Minutes for $10.00 per month ($ .10 per minute)
– 250 Minutes for $22.50 per month ($ .09 per minute)
– 500 Minutes for $42.00 per month ($ .084 per minute)
– 1000 Minutes for $70.00 per month ($ .07 per minute)

Need to place International calls? Contact TCC for current rates.


Phone services provided by Tri-County Telcom, LLC – a TCC company.