TCC’s Business-Level High-Speed Internet is very fast and very reliable. We make sure the speed you want is the speed you get so you can enjoy all the Internet has to offer without frustrating busy periods and service interruptions. We have a variety of speed and price options as well as many additional features and services to help your business be more efficient, productive and profitable.  Please contact us for additional information and pricing.


Speed (Mbps) Price Application
20 x 1 $49.95 Best for basic internet use with limited devices/workstations.
40 x 4 $70.95 Better download and upload speed for connecting more devices or handling higher bandwidth needs.
60 x 4 $99.95 Even faster download  for the small-to-medium business looking for a fast and reliable connection. Fiber or cable modem only.
100 x 20 $199.95 For the business needing to transfer larger files, connect with remote locations, perform regular remote backups or support a larger number of devices on their network. Fiber only.
200 x 40 $249.95 A fiber connection for increased upstream and downstream bandwidth. Fiber only.
1000 x 1000 $500.00 The Ultimate connection – a symmetrical fiber connection that provides a full Gig (Gbps) of bandwidth upstream and downstream. Fiber only.




High-Speed Internet is available in Strum, Eleva, Osseo, Fairchild, Independence, Whitehall, Arcadia, Pleasantville, Pigeon Falls, Northfield, Blair, Ettrick, Taylor, Centerville, Trempealeau, Galesville, Alma Center, Humbird, Merrillan and Hixton. All TCC services and/or speeds may not be available in all areas. Visit our Customer Care page and contact us to check availability.

TCC along with other WSTA (Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association) members can provide Gigabit connections upon request.  Click the map to view Gigabit Business Parks, Industrial Parks and TIF Districts served by TCC and other WSTA member companies.



TCC.ProTech Computer Services
And if you ever run into trouble with your computers or network equipment?  Or do you have old equipment that is due for replacement?  Call on our TCC.ProTech Services to get your computers cleaned, network optimized and outdated equipment replaced and operating smoothly.  Visit our TCC.ProTech services page for more information.


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