Remote Features

The black remotes we use have some new features for our IPTV (Cable in the Country) television service.  The features are not necessarily new to your TV but accessing them from your TCC remote (instead of having to find your TV remote) is new!




Turn your Closed Captioning on and off with the # button on your TCC remote:

  • Press # once to turn Closed Captioning ON
  • Press # again to turn on “608 Closed Captioning” (looks the same on flat screen TVs; this was a setting for older, analog TVs)
  • Press # again time to turn Closed Captioning OFF




Adjust the screen size and shape with the * button on your TCC remote:

  • This is helpful when watching analog channels (2-94) that might not fill your TV screen properly.
  • Keep pressing “*” to find a fit/size you like




Access a handy Search function by pressing the Left Arrow on your TCC remote:

  • Press Left Arrow to open Search box
  • Use arrow keys and “OK” button to type name to search
  • Arrow to “Search” at the bottom and press OK
  • Scroll through results list and press OK on any for more information
  • Press Exit to close Search box




Set a “Bookmark” in a recorded program by pressing the Blue button on your TCC remote:

  • Press Blue button while watching a show recorded on your DVR
  • Progress bar will show a white line for your “bookmark”
  • Handy for marking a funny part in a movie, a big play in a game, a spot in a news broadcast featuring a friend/relative, or any other interesting part in a recording.
  • Multiple bookmarks can be placed on a recording
  • Works with both our black and silver remotes





If you turn on your show up to 20 minutes after it has started, you can use “Restart” to start your show from the beginning!  Restart works on most channels – those without actual programming in the guide like music channels, TCCTV and PPV cannot restart.  Look for the blue dot in the on-screen programming guide.  Highlight a show in the guide and if Restart is available, you’ll see “Watch From Start” after a green dot.  Press the green button on your remote to Restart!


Info Center

Info Center allows you to display current news headlines from your favorite teams or news channels.  Watch a YouTube video on how to get into and use Info Center:


Other Apps

Your IPTV cable box has several built-in apps including “What’s Hot”, Games including Free Cell, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and Minesweeper, Info Center, and More.  Watch this YouTube video on how to get to and use these Apps: