Purchase/Lease Laptop

Thank you for choosing a laptop from Tri-County Communications!  In order to Lease the Laptop, you need to be on a qualified TCC Bundle Plan, submit to a credit check and have EFT (Direct Pay) on your TCC bill.  If you have any questions prior to signing up, please let us know.

PART 1: Complete and return Lease Contract

Click the link to open the Lease Contract (.pdf), fill it out and return it to TCC (mail it, scan/take a picture and email it, or fax it)

Lease Agreement Terms Laptop


PART 2: Fill out the form below and press Submit.  Then fill out a 2nd form (laptop configuration) and press Submit.  (You do not have to wait until we’ve received your Lease Contract to fill out the online forms)

We will start your order and contact you when it is ready!