IP Cable Tutorials

We are in the process of upgrading the on-screen programming guide for our IP Cable service to bring you more features and better, more reliable functionality.   Here are a series of tutorial videos for the on-screen programming guide:

1. Introduction
2. What’s On TV
3. On-Screen Programming Guide
4. Working With Favorites
5. Controlling Live TV
6. Recording Programs and Reminders
7. Managing Your Recordings
8. My Settings
9. Parental Controls
10. What’s Hot App
11. Phone Menu – Recent Calls List
12. Closing
13. Pay-Per-View
14. Weather App
15. Phone Menu – Voicemail On TV
16. Restart TV


Click a video to play it.  Your device must support Adobe Flash.  For questions or further support, contact TCC at 800-831-0610 or info@tccpro.net.