Which Internet User Are You?

Okay, so you indicated that you have 4 – 6 Internet devices.  The next question is:

Which of the following below BEST describes your online habits and usage?  
(note, not all of the descriptions need to fit – just choose the best fit)


Internet User A:

Basic Web Browsing (news, scores, finances, shopping)
Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy, Ebay, Craigslist
No Netflix/Hulu
No Pandora, iHeart (what’s Spotify?)
Internet is helpful, but not essential to me

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Internet User B:

Regular Web Browsing
Love Facebook, YouTube, online shopping
Fairly regular Netflix/Hulu watching
I listen to music online (Pandora, iHeart, Spotify) once in awhile
Some online gaming (XBOX, PS4) but it’s not that important
Internet is pretty important to me

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Internet User C:

Constantly on social media, shopping/news websites and apps
Watch a lot of Netflix/Hulu and often on more than one device at a time
I am an early tech adopter (Alexis/Google Home, smart home devices, etc.)
I do a lot of online gaming – it is very important to me
I download a lot of things off the Internet
Internet is very important to me

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