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NetValet from Calix is an intuitive, easy-to-use app that lets you log into and manage your Calix Gigacenter router.  You can manage your primary Wi-Fi network, set up a guest Wi-Fi network, and set parental controls.  You just download it to your smartphone or tablet through your Apple App Store (see description) or the Google Play Store (see description).
  1. Search for Net Valet in your App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Tap the Get or Install button to download the app
  3. Type in your app store password if prompted
  4. After the download finishes, you will have an icon on one of your home screens to Net Valet
  5. Tap Net Valet to open it
  6. You will be prompted to sign in with a Google (Gmail) account or a Facebook account
  7. Choose one and sign in.  If you don’t have either, choose Google and you can create a free account on the spot
  8. After signing in, you should be prompted to scan the QR code on your Gigacenter router
  9. Go to your Gigacenter router and hold your mobile device so the red line in the camera frame scans up and down over the QR code
  10. When it scans, it will connect with your Gigacenter and the app will open to the main screen!

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With Net Valet, you can:

  • Setup users (family members) and which device(s) they use on your Internet
  • Create policies for access based on days/times and apply policies to users
  • See and change your Wi-Fi password
  • Activate a Guest Network for friends/relatives
  • See which applications use the most data on your network

For help, click the Menu icon (3 lines) in the corner and tap “Help” then choose a topic.


Screenshots for Apple | Download from App Store



Screenshots for Android | Download from Google Play Store


Calix NetValet supports the following GigaCenter models: 844G, 854G, and 844E | Calix NetValetUser Guide