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(1) DVR Guide Coax/Traditional – Silver Remote | DVR Guide Coax/Traditional – Black Remote
(2) DVR Guide IP/Fiber/Country – Black Remote | Cool Extra Features
(3) Coax/Tradional Cable Tutorial Videos
(4) Fiber/IP/Country Cable Tutorial Videos
(5) Programming SILVER Remote to your TV | Auto-Program Instructions
(6) Programming BLACK Remote to your TV | Tutorial Video | Auto-Program Instructions
(7) Programming BIG BUTTON Remote to your TV (including Auto-Program) | Instructions Website
(7) Set up Parental Controls: Coax/Traditional | Fiber/IP/Country Cable


MOBILE APP – Control your DVR from your smartphone! WEB ACCESS – Control your DVR from your computer!
(a) Contact TCC to activate app for your account
(b) open your App download store
(c) download “ManageMyTVs” app
(d) sign in with your TCC Account # and your last name
(e) use for server IP
(f) Watch Tutorial Video for Mobile App
(a) open your browser
(b) go to
(c) install Microsoft Silverlight
(d) sign in with your TCC Account # and your last name
(e) Watch Tutorial Video for Web Access



WatchTVeverywhere is your online, on-demand access to over 60 cable channels. You must have TCC Cable TV and you must sign up to use it. To register and use watchTVeverywhere:

1. Visit
2. Choose provider Tri-County Communications Cooperative
3. Click Register at the top
4. Fill in form with TCC Account # (call us if you need this) and Last Name on bill; enter an email address you can check and create a password you will remember (write it down too)
6. After signing up, check your email for the confirmation and click the link to activate
7. Go back to and click Login
8. Put in your email address and password to see available channels
9. Click a channel icon*
10. You may need to sign in again when you get to the channel

* If you are using a mobile device, you will be asked to download the channel app instead of viewing through a website; follow the prompts to download the channel app and sign in. From then on, you can simply open the channel app to access the channel.



To record a live show:
1. Tune to the program you want to record
2. Press Record on the remote
3. To cancel recording, press Stop and press OK

To set a future recording:
1. Press Guide
2. Use the Arrow keys, Page Up/Down and Day Plus/Minus to find the program to record
3. Highlight the program on the screen
4. Press Record on the remote
5. For more options or to record a series Press Record again
6. Arrow down to “Series Recording and press OK
7. Choose which episodes to record, how to save and when to save until
8. Arrow down to “Record with these settings” and press OK

To change a future recording
1. Press Menu
2. Go to DVR and press OK
3. Select Future Recordings and press OK
4. Choose a show and press OK
5. Make your changes
6. Press OK/Save

To watch a recorded program
1. Press Menu
2. Go to DVR and press OK
3. Select My Recordings and press OK
4. Choose a show and press OK
5. Choose an episode and press OK


Watch videos for using our IPTV (Cable in the Country)!  Click to go to videos page



We have a new service for our IPTV Cable called “Video On Demand”.  It lets you watch a variety of movies, TV shows, and events whenever you want!  Just choose “On Demand” from your remote and go through the menu options to find a program you wish to watch!   For more information and instructions on using Video On Demand, visit the Video On Demand website.



Available with all TCC Digital and HD Cable services is Pay-Per-View for ordering movies and events through your Cable Remote.  You can see what programs are available by opening your Programming Guide (use the Guide button on the remote) and scrolling to the Pay-Per-View channels in the 300’s.  There is a charge for Pay-Per-View programming, which will show up on your next TCC bill.  You can set locks on your Pay-Per-View so it can only be ordered with your permission.  Contact TCC if you have any questions about Pay-Per-View.



Here are the instructions for turning Closed Captioning on and off on your DCT or DVR Cable Receiver:

Silver Remote (traditional/coax cable):
Press STB button
Press Power button (to turn cable box off)
Press Menu button (a white, text-based menu comes up)
Press the Down Arrow button to get down to Closed Captioning
Press the OK button -or- the Right Arrow button to toggle between Disabled and Enabled
Set as desired
Press Menu Button
Press Power Button (to turn cable box back on)


Black Remote (IPTV/Amino boxes):
Press the # Key on your remote to toggle between On, On-608, and Off
(On-608 was a format used to better fit older, analog TVs — on a flat screen TV it will look the same as normal Closed Captioning)
Keep pressing the # Key until you get to your desired setting


For further assistance or for remote/receiver combinations not listed here, contact TCC and we will be happy to assist you!



No Signal

1. Check to make sure the cable box is plugged in and turned on (press STB and Power on the TCC remote)
2. Look on the back/side of the TV for the source/input that your cable box is plugged into (e.g. HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc.)
3. Find your TV remote and press the Source or Input button (you should see a list of available inputs)
4. Set it to the source/input that your cable box is plugged into your TV
5. If that doesn’t work or you can’t see which it’s plugged into, try each source/input listed one at a time
– Wait 5 seconds on each source/input you try to see if the picture comes on
6. If this does not help, Contact TCC


Missing Channels

1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the cable box -or- from the electrical outlet or surge protector
2. Wait 5 seconds
3. Plug the power cord back in
4. The box will take 3-5 minutes to reset
5. If this does not help, Contact TCC


General Troubleshooting

1. Turn receiver and TV off and back on (unplug power, plug back in)
2. Make sure your TV is on either Channel 3 (older models) or the proper Input (HDTVs)
3. Make sure your remote is controlling the STB (cable box), not TV or AUX
4. Check on another TV in the house with a cable box
5. Contact TCC


Remote Controls

If your remote does not work, please try the following remedies:

1. Check/change batteries
2. Make sure device you wish to control does not have the sensor blocked
3. Make sure the right Device button (TV, STB, etc.) is selected for the device you wish to control
4. Try a different remote or try the remote on a different Receiver
5. Contact TCC


Fuzzy, Choppy or Missing Channels

1. Turn receiver and TV off and back on
2. Make sure your TV is on channel 3 or the proper Input (HDMI, etc.)
3. Make sure DVD player or VCR are not on (unless they need to be)
4. Check different channels; write down channels fuzzy/choppy/missing
5. Check these channels on a different TV in your home
6. Make sure you have the correct channel # and that you subscribe to it
7. Contact TCC and inform us about your problem


No Picture

1. Make sure Receiver is on and TV is set to channel 3 or the proper Input
2. Check the channel you are on to make sure you are subscribed and are supposed to get that channel
3. Try other channels to see if some channels work
4. Contact TCC and inform us about your problem


Sun Outages

Twice per year, cable and satellite tv subscribers experience “sun outages” on certain channels. This happens when the earth’s orbit puts the sun directly in line behind the satellites that provide signal for certain tv channels. The sun’s solar radiation interferes with the signal, causing outages. The outages typically last about 15 minutes and occur during the middle of the day. Sun outages happen in the spring and again in the fall. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything TCC can do about this – as it is happening to the programmers we get our content from. Contact TCC if you have any questions.



TCC serves the following communities with Cable TV: Alma Center, Arcadia, Blair, Centerville, Eleva, Elk Creek, Ettrick, Fairchild, Galesville, Hixton, Humbird, Independence, Merrillan, Northfield, Pigeon Falls, Pleasantville, Osseo, Strum, Trempealeau, Whitehall.  Click/touch map for larger view.


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