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Web Cookies

COOKIES - WHAT THEY DO AND WHY/WHEN TO DELETE THEM Cookies are a tool that websites use to (a) speed up your web browsing and (b) help them give you a more personal experience with their website. Cookies are small text files generated by a website detailing where you went and what you clicked on their website....

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Tips for Online Shopping

While people shop online year-round, online shopping will really pick up in the next month or so - and include people who don't normally shop online. So here are some tips to help keep your data safe when shopping online: 1. Don't use free/public Wii-Fi for shopping - While it may be easy and convenient, we don't recommend shopping online over...

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Recording with a DVR

To record a live show: 1. Tune to the program you want to record, 2. Press Record on the remote, 3. To cancel recording, press Stop and press OK. To set a future recording: 1. Press Guide, 2. Use the...

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Prevent Phishing Attacks

1. Learn what a Phishing Email looks like A Phishing Email is an Email you receive made to look like a real company you might be familiar with or have an account with. These Emails are usually brief and center around a problem or reason for you to click a link or...

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Keeping Kids Safe Online

1. Step into their cyberworld. Experts agree that parents have to get involved. Just as they know every detail of the playground around the corner and who hangs out there-- they need to know their kids' online playground as well. Spend time with your child...

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Want Better Wi-Fi Internet?

Wireless (Wi-Fi) has become the standard Internet connection in many households, connecting to laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TV’s, thermostats, cameras, game systems, and more! But Wi-Fi as a technology doesn't work perfectly for every device and under every situation. Here are the factors that affect your Wi-Fi performance and how to best handle them...

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