Details and Descriptions


Here is a list of services, features, equipment, and terminology to help you understand our products and services better.  If you have any further questions or would like more detail, please contact TCC.


20 x 1:  Internet speed of 20 Megabits per second download and 1 Megabit per second upload. More Details.

40 x 4: Internet speed of 40 Megabits per second download and 4 Megabits per second upload. More Details.

60 x 4: Internet speed of 60 Megabits per second download and 4 Megabits per second upload. More Details.

DCT: “Digital Cable Terminal” Our regular set-top receiver for Cable TV service.  Tunes in Basic, Digital, and HD programming along with an on-screen programming guide to see what’s on, set favorite channels, create reminders, and more.  More Details.

DVR: “Digital Video Recorder” Our upgraded set-top receiver for Cable TV service with built-in recording options.  Set single or series recordings from the Guide and pause/rewind live TV.  Tunes in Basic, Digital, and HD programming, includes an on-screen programming guide.  More Details.

HD: “High Definition” Refers to channels broadcasting in a high-definition format.

HD Cable: Refers to the cable TV package that includes Basic, Digital, and High Definition (HD) channels in our lineup.

MB & Mbps: “Megabytes” vs. “Megabits per second” A megabyte is a size measurement, megabits per second is a speed measurement.  Our Internet packages are based on the speed of the connection and are not limited by the number of Megabytes (MB) you can download or transmit per month.

Modem: Unit for connecting Internet service.  TCC line connects to the modem which then connects either directly to your device(s) or to another switching device such as a Router (see below).  Modems can be “wired” (devices plug into modem via ethernet) or “wireless” (or “wi-fi”, where modem has direct connect plugins plus a Wi-Fi signal for Wireless Internet to your devices).

Tech Home Protect:  A trio of computer/Internet services offered at no charge to TCC Internet customers.  Tech Home Protect includes Anti-Virus, Cloud Backup, and Password Manager.  More Details.

Voicemail: A messaging service for your phone service handled at the TCC switch – no need for an answering machine in your house.  Messages can be retrieved through your phone receiver, remotely or via Email (.wav sound file).

Wi-Fi: Technology for connecting devices to Internet without wires/cords between the device and the modem/router.  Involves the “name” of the signal (the SSID) and a passcode for access (wpa or wep).  More Details.