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Tri-County Telephone Cooperative, Inc., the first four party rural system in the State of Wisconsin, was cut over to dial operation at Pleasantville with exchanges at Eleva, Independence and Strum following in February that same year. Pigeon Falls and Northfield were cutover in 1965.


Directors of Tri-County Communications Cooperative, Inc. were: Marshall Robbe, President; Russell Paulson, Vice President; Richard Nelson, Secretary; Ernest Sielaff, Treasurer; Wilfred Adams, Sylvester Smieja, Anton Sylla, Henry Paulson and William Amundson including Manager Ernest Sobotta had 147 years of telephone experience as directors, officers and in active management with the liquidated companies that forms the Tri-County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
On March 1, 1966, 180 subscribers in our Northfield Exchange started to use their new one-party dial service. This is the first all one-party system in the State of Wisconsin and one of very few in the nation.


In 1996, Tri-County Telephone Cooperative and Western Wisconsin Communications Cooperative formed a new company; Tri-West Communications, LLC. Tri-West Communications joined 20 independent telephone companies to provide residents and businesses in Northwestern Wisconsin access to the information super highway.


It was becoming increasingly difficult to offer more advanced services to our members; Tri-County Telephone and W.W.C.C. recognized over the long term those two cooperative might be forced to compete against one another. Tri-County Telephone and W.W.C.C. had worked together in the past, putting plant facilities into the ground in our serving areas, as some members received services from both companies. In addition, there was the formation of Tri-West Communications, LLC, an Internet Service provider (ISP) that provided Internet Service to its members.


On January 1, 2006 Tri-County Telephone Cooperative, Inc. and Western Wisconsin Communications Cooperative, Inc. merged to create Tri-County Communications Cooperative, Inc. (TCC)


Today, TCC continues to make investments in our infrastructure by building out miles of fiber optics as well as upgrading electronics in our cable and telephone plant. Ensuring we meet the demands for higher bandwidth required to provide high-definition video, voice and high-speed Internet to our members. We believe that TCC services play a crucial role in the economic well-being and quality of life for our members throughout the communities we serve.


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